Gamma Probe Systems

Gamma Probe systems for sentinel node biopsies

Southern Scientific is the UK manufacturer of the Care Wise C-Trak Gamma Probe Systems for use in sentinel node biopsies, providing accurate detection of gamma radiation.

Advance Features :

  1. Touch screen display
  2. Large Count Range Up to 100,000 cps
  3. Large size font display along with graph (easy for surgeons to visualize)
  4. Energy range up to 364 KeV
  5. CsI (Caesium Iodide) detection technology (Superior PATENTED collimator technology)
  6. Sensitivity: Typically 1150 counts/sec/μCi@122 keV (Co-57) with standard probe
  7. Lechner Collimator : The additional Lechner collimator has an even smaller field of view 3 mm making the probe even more directional but at a compromise of some sensitivity.
  8. Fastest easy and simple calibration (in 30 sec)
  9. Ease of use: connect and start.

Care Wise

C-Trak Galaxy
Gamma Probe System

Iodine-125 Seeds

I-125 Diagnostic Seeds

Bluetooth gamma probe system development

Since acquiring Care Wise in 2015, Southern Scientific has moved the manufacturing and development of the gamma probe systems to the UK.

C-Trak Gamma Probe system enquiries

To request a free demonstration or to enquire further about the C-Trak gamma probe systems please Contact us.