NMS Service & Maintenance:

* Highly experienced team of engineers with certified factory training by manufacturers specific to system needs.

* Engineers covering all regions of country.

* Service is remotely monitored by manufacturers online.

Logistic Solution:

* Inventory at Green Field Colony, Delhi, NCR, Faridabad. Complete range of spare parts are stocked at this facility.
To Honour Minimum Downtime Pledge
High Equipment to Engineer Ratio
Level of Technical Support – Level I (Site FE), Level II (Zonal Technical Engineer), Level III (OEM Technical Support Manager)

After sales service support by principals:

* Complete installation and on-site training

* Engineer with long term visa of India dedicated to cater to India specific needs to avoid any delay.

* Minimum 10 years parts and service back up pledge given by manufacturers in writing to end users. However, support will be provided as long as equipment lasts (Average 15-20 years).

* Long term distributor and CMC agreement with NMS India

* Remote service support of manufacturers (On Line Support Engineers)

Proactive Service:

* Remote monitoring of equipment to predict any possible downtime which is dealt with in advance.

* Pre-emptive actions like Planned Call, PlMS, QA testing prevent any event leading to major downtime.

* Resources optimization: team of local engineers, supported by OEMs, directly and online, supported by efficient parts delivery network keeps the downtime to minimum.

*Clinical expertise and regular input: Our filed expertise is boosted by top clinical advisers from the field to constantly upgrade the evolving technology.


NMS Company  Commitment

Commitment from Manufacture 
• To replace the product at no additional cost (than CMC) to the buyer  if the product is not repairable

Commitment from Seller
• Service engineer onsite (for one center)
• Customer service call attending – within 06 hours in all major centers (connected by air)
• In 24 hours in centers not connected by air
• Spare part warehouse in Gurgaon/Faridabad for critical equipment

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