“Making Nuclear Medicine Affordable”

NMS was launched in October, 2017 with aim of addressing issues with supply of Nuclear Medicine equipment and accessories.

The main issue in providing Nuclear Medicine services for hospitals is high cost involved in it. Higher cost is due to cost of equipment, accessories (Hot lab) and running cost especially calibration sources. NMS brings not only more competition but also more options in the country. Introduction of new choices of systemic specific SPECT (like NephroCam) will help to deal with waiting list at lower cost and space. Launch of MEDISO triple modality will also address issue of space and cost. Providing Hot lab accessories at affordable cost along with equipment will help further in reducing cost.

Other aim is to provide one off solution to all requirements of Nuclear Medicine department. This again brings not only the cost down but also ease of procuring. From our one-stop shop one can have Calibration sources, Gallium Generator, Gamma probe, Mobile SPECT, Renal Special SPECT, General Purpose SPECT (dual head and triple head options), SPECT-CT (high end specs), triple modality SPECT-PET-CT, PET-CT with LYSO & BGO options with 64 slice CT scan.

Calibration sources are provided for all makes and models at extremely low cost which reduces burden on running costs of Nuclear Medicine centres which will in turn make scans more affordable for patients as well.

Dr M I Kasana