Company Highlights & key strengths – NMS India

ABOUT NMS Introduction :

NMS as a company is focusing and specializing in Nuclear Medicine & Radiology solutions for our partners. We have exclusive tie ups with top OEMs in Imaging Solutions Space (Nuclear Medicine & Radiology) with top OEMs from Europe, UK and China. For last two years, we have built up our regulatory and services team. We've AERB approval/NOC for each of our equipment and set up a strong services team (with experienced people from GE & Siemens) with motive “Beyond Customer’s Satisfaction”.

NMS Brings to Indian Market & Offers: -PET-CT Calibration Sources (& Other Calibration Sources) at stunning prices- (New & Dispose off).
Imaging Equipment:
-SPECT, SPECT-CT (Dual & Triple Head) from Mediso,AIIMS New Delhi just ordered one SPECT-CT with 16 Slice CT Scan.
-SPECT (General Purpose Dual Head, Cardiac and Renal special) from DDD,Install Base is increasing rapidly in Indian market.
-PET-CT from Neusoft BGO & LYSO (No Calibration Sources required).
-Surgical Gamma Probe & Hot Lab accessories.

NeuSoft Medical Systems :

Neusoft PET CT is in demand for private centres across India. Huge advantage with Neusoft PET is BGO with 64 slice CT (No other company have in world). We can use this as CT in its own right, and can do coronary angios as well. With regards to PET CT, it is lot quicker, need less FDG, reduces decay of FDG (saved money) and low radiation dose to patient (compare with 16 slice huge difference in these areas). We can exploit nearby centres with these advantages and can impress clinicians to send patients).

Neusoft recently launched PETCT in LYSO Crystal with 64 slice CT Scan.TheNeuWise PET/CT is the latest innovation with high sensitivity from Neusoft Medical Systems.Combined anatomic and functional imaging with qualified design and technology,multiple molecular imaging function for tumor, brain and heart scanning to fully study the disease. Fine technology for data collection provides improved scan speed and accuracy for analysis. Integrated molecular imaging platform with advanced workstation, data management and analysis system. Qualified design, scanning, accurate imaging and multiple functions to satisfied diverse needs in Clinic.

DDD Diagnostic, Denmark :

DDD has been Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for other leading companies including GE, Philips and Siemens since its conception. Since 2011 it has started selling under its own brand in parallel with its OEM business. All products are Presafe certified, FDA approved and CE marked. DDD has its roots in ~50% of all Gamma Cameras installed in the world.

With regards Dual Head SPECT, DDD Diagnostic, Denmark is comparatively cheaper, OEM for GE, Siemens & Philips and fabulous machine, new classic design. No claustrophobia, long life of machine, low down time, good scan quality. We can do scans in sitting position (useful if patient is short of breath lying down).

Mediso Medical Imaging Systems:

With headquarters in Budapest is a dynamic supplier of Nuclear Medicine and modern Hybrid Imaging techniques to the health care and medical research institutions of the world. The company was founded in 1990 by experts of the largest research and manufacturing company of the region which has been engaged of nuclear equipment manufacturing since 1960.Main activities of the (Medisco) company.

NMS also have Gamma Probe, PETCT Calibration Phantom Sources, Ge-68 Rod Sources, Ga Generator, Hot Lab Items and accessories from Top leading companies in World at affordable price. Our regulatory affairs leadership team support customer right from Site Layout approval to License for Operation of facility.