PET Component
The PET module is carefully designed to integrate with the other modalities of AnyScan®. The high sensitivity and excellent
resolution facilitate fast examination process and accurate clinical diagnosis.
— Molecular PET imager module with high resolution LYSO detector technology
— Independent gantry under common PET/CT gantry cover
— 70 cm gantry bore diameter
— 84.8 cm cm ring diameter
— High precision digital imaging electronics
— High spatial resolution
— Excellent volume sensitivity
— FBP-SSRB, 3DOSEM, 3DML and Tera-Tomo™ 3D PET reconstruction
SPECT Components
Digital Detector
The two rectangular jumbo FOV high stability detectors are characterized with high optical performance and excellent mechanical quality are available in two quality options:
—  The HP (High Performance) detector is designed to perform standard NM examinations
—  The UHP (Ultra High Performance) detector with Tera-Tomo 3D SPECT-Q quantitative reconstruction engine performs absolute tracer uptake quantitation SPECT analysis
Multislice CT Component
AnyScan® system combines the power of nuclear medicine with the precision of 16/8 slices fast helical CT technology.
AnyScan®’s CT module supplies precise data for the attenuation correction and provides excellent diagnostic imaging capability.
AnyScan® family offers alternative choice of 16 or 8 slice diagnostic CT or 8 slice non diagnostic CT.
The CT module consists of a high resolution ceramic detector. The rotation speed is up to 0.5 sec with a 360-degree rotation.