SPECT Components

Digital Detector

The two rectangular jumbo FOV high stability detectors are characterized with high optical performance and excellent mechanical quality are available in two quality options:

— The HP (High Performance) detector is designed to perform standard NM examinations

— The UHP (Ultra High Performance) detector with Tera-Tomo™ 3D SPECT-Q quantitative reconstruction engine performs absolute tracer uptake quantitation SPECT analysis

The thickness of the 593 x 470 mm NaI(TI) scintillation crystal is either 9.5 mm or 15.9 mm is also available in true rectangular option.

There are either 60/94 pcs of high quantum efficiency PMT characterized by improved energy resolution, magnetic shielding and long-term stability.

Detector Electronics

The detector electronics are built on a compact, highly integrated, one-box, easily serviceable construction without tuning potentiometers.

— 1 ADC/PMT detector electronics

— Outstanding single ASIC/FPGA detector electronics design

— High precision preamplifier electronics

— Computer-controlled PMT autotuning for fast PMT gain stabilization and adjustment

— Digital electronics assembled from parts of the latest technology